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Sharp. Smooth. Long-lasting.

Premium Diamond Dental Burs.

About Us

DEWE is an Indonesian dental bur manufacturer since 2020. Our mission is to produce durable, high-quality burs to enable dentists to perform their duty with confidence. We know that dentists need to handle many tasks to provide the best customer satisfaction. Hence, by counting on the most reliable products, dentists can relax and focus on what they do best - dentistry!

Why choose DEWE?

Sharp & Smooth

Cutting efficiency to produce the desired finish.


In manufacturing our own diamond cutting tools.

Long lifespan

Our burs remain sharp and durable after repeated use.

Positive reviews

Dentists are highly satisfied with our burs’ performance.


Manufactured with skill to ensure optimal functioning.


Wide variety of bur shapes, dimensions and roughness.

DEWE Photograph (many burs)-221223_edite


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