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Sharp. Smooth. Long-lasting.

Premium Diamond Dental Burs.

About Us

DEWE is an Indonesian dental bur manufacturer since 2020. Our mission is to produce durable, high-quality burs to enable dentists to perform their duty with confidence. We know that dentists need to handle many tasks to provide the best customer satisfaction. Hence, by counting on the most reliable products, dentists can relax and focus on what they do best - dentistry!

Why choose DEWE?

Sharp & Smooth

Our burs help you cut, grind and shape your patients' tooth with firm precision, allowing you to perform complex procedures and produce the desired finish on your patients' teeth properly and efficiently. Say goodbye to dull burs!

Good Stability

Our burs remain very stable even at high rotation speeds, allowing you to handle delicate drilling processes with good grip and control. Use the best burs to help you perform your tasks skilfully!


Due to our ability to layer our burs with highly uniform diamond distribution, our burs have the ability to remain sharp, even after multiple use. With longer service lifespans, our burs help you save costs while still delivering excellent customer satisfaction.

Expertise In Diamond

We have had 13 years of experience manufacturing our own diamond cutting tools for various industries. Using the same machinery and technical expertise to produce these tools, we have the capability to produce premium-quality diamond burs.

Certified Products

Our burs are certified by the Indonesian Ministry of Health (Kemenkes). We have our Certificate of Production for Medical Devices (FK.01.02/1/1599-e/2021) and our Distribution Permit for Medical Devices (Kemenkes RI AKD 10602122061). Rest assured that our burs are safe for your patients!

Positive Dentist Reviews

Our products have been tried by dentists in Indonesia and in other countries, including Germany, Japan and Canada. We have received highly positive reviews with regards to our burs' exceptional performance, durability and affordability, even compared to existing international competitors.


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